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Our History

MAKING A difference.

The legacy starts with a French immigrant,  Benoît "Claudius" Crozet.   An early 19th century design genius, he wrote his signature across the American landscape in a big way--from building tunnels to canals and bridges.

Claudius arrived from France in 1816 and started helping America pivot away from its slumbering economy and become a robust industrial giant. Crozet connected the past to the future. He put trains on the ground. Sent them through mountains. And across rivers. He taught engineering at West Point, helped found the Virginia Military Institute, and is even credited with introducing the chalk board into the classroom.  He most likely steamed through his huge projects fueled by coffee made in a press just like he enjoyed in France.

Amazing to think that the life we live in Crozet today first appeared in his imagination two hundred years ago.   Soldier.  Scholar.  Educator.  Dreamer.  Innovator.  In every chapter of his life, Crozet took action and made a difference.  We proudly roast our coffee inspired by his exemplary American "can-do"  spirit.